Different Ways to Seduce Your Partner

For many, seduction is an art that they have mastered. However, not everyone can pull seductive moves that produce the desired effects on their partners. While seduction can get termed as a game, it is a way of luring your partner to do what they are secretly yearning for. It serves as a stimulant to escalate the urge to get into the sexual act. Through seduction, you get to discover more about your physiology and that of your partner. When your partner is well acquainted with the seduction skills, your love life remains lively. Even for the long-distance relationships, seduction has served to keep the connection real. Some of the ways to seduce your partner include;

  1. Explicit texting

Naughty texting creates anticipation for him to meet you. When he is away, use sensual texts to arouse him. Get explicit on things you would do if he were around and remind him what it felt the last time you were together. This gets him thinking and yearning to have you.

  1. Make out passionately

Create time for you and your partner. While relaxing on the couch, cuddle him, give him fine touches on this head, neck, and chest. Let hours pass by as you fondle. Rub his dick, kiss below his navel until you realize his bulge. Romance him relentless until he cannot help but ask for more. At this juncture, excuse yourself to the bathroom. He sure as hell need more and so he will beg your return.

  1. Put on sexy Lingerie

When in a long-term relation, spicing the moment is crucial. Slip on something sexy and sit provocatively on the coach. Act like you have nothing in mind, but you know your intentions. By this, your alluring looks will boost his moods and turn him on.

  1. Initiate sexy moves when least expected

Kiss him on the neck, ears, and caress his chest when he least expects. Try to be provocative in the weirdest places and moments. Give him a surprise by teasing while having a shower, in the kitchen, living room and even on the floor. You can also tease him and then withhold while out for dinner. By the time you get to a comfy place, he will be tearing your clothes off in desire.

  1. Plan for a romantic weekend

Surprise your partner with a weekend off far from the ordinary. It doesn’t have to be an expensive venture but rather, somewhere you feel safe together. Outing and spending time together restores your relationship. It is a way to rejuvenate what has been lost for the years.

It is time to bring some life into your sex life. Avoid the predictable moments and have something out of the blues. The tricks above will help cast an exceptional spell on your partner.

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